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Vehicle Markings for Safety

Posted by Kelvin Scott on

Vehicles are an integral part of your business. Whether you drive a pickup to the job site, a semi-truck cross country, or operate a backhoe at a construction site, there are many things a vehicle operator can be responsible for that can impact the safety of themselves and others.

Safety requirements for vehicles differ from province to province (or state) and we highly recommend you consult the requirements for the areas in which you operate. However we have put together a list of a few of the most commonly ordered and asked about products that we carry.

GVW and TARE Decals

If you operate a commercial vehicle 4500 KG or more, you are required to have GVW and TARE decals. These decals specify the empty weight (TARE) and maximum weight of the vehicle (Gross Vehicle Weight - GVW) per the vehicle's registration.

Logos & Unit Numbers

Commercial vehicles are required to have the name or registered logo of the vehicle's owner. This can be plain text name or your company's logo. Add contact information and you have instant advertising !! If you have more than one vehicle its often recommended to have unit ID numbers. Unit numbers can help with accountability and maintenance.

Walk Around & Inspection Decals

Walk Around decals are simple reminders commonly placed on vehicle doors to encourage regular inspection of vehicles. This helps ensure potential issues are spotted early before they can become dangerous or affect vehicle performance. Inspection decals can also be used for regular maintenance such as tire inspections, oil changes, and more.

Safety Equipment Identifiers

If your vehicle carries safety equipment such as first aid kits or fire extinguishers they should be clearly marked and accessible. In some cases it is regulated that safety equipment be in an unlocked compartment on the vehicle, so check the requirements in your area of operation.

TDG Placards

Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) placards are required everywhere in North America. To help with the daunting task of making sure you've got the right placards for your load, we recommend checking out this page on the Transport Canada website. It allows you to search by UN#, shipping name, or description.

Special Considerations

Depending on your area of operation or company standards you may be required to have a variety of conditional markings. Common markings are:

"This Vehicle Stops at all Uncontrolled Railways" - For use on buses and vehicles carrying flammable or combustible liquids.

"This Vehicle Makes Wide Right Turns" - Common on semi-trailers and buses.

"How's My Driving" - A common sight on large vehicles that acts as a method of gathering public feedback.

How Can We Help?

If you need any of the items mentioned in this article, please shop our website or request a quote for more information about a specific product.


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