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Agrichemical Warehouse Case Study

In 1997, Western Safety Sign was invited to participate in a re-signing and re-branding Safety program at one of Canada's leading Grain and Oilseed handlers company. With over 100 locations across Canada, this company’s goals were to standardize their safety signage across all locations, and to simplify the ordering process for their facilities. 

Agrichemical Warehouse Signs are an essential part of the safety program for Grain Companies to ensure safe working conditions; provide environmental protection; and reduce business risk. Grain Elevators and chemical storage facilities, of necessity, have stringent rules and regulations regarding signage, it's design and location.  

Our team worked with our customer's safety professionals to develop a catalog of signs that would meet the needs of all their facilities.  The consultative process began with site visits to the company’s locations to view their current signage.  Our graphic designers then got to work redesigning their signs to include current CSA standards, to simplify designs where necessary, and to add branding where appropriate.  In many cases the facility would require a package of signage for a piece of equipment or tank.  We were able to package these together in the catalog for ease of ordering.

Finally, we negotiated bulk order pricing and agreed on a shipping method. In the beginning, 25 years ago, we were able to provide a .PDF catalog, which was then sent from our customers Head Office to their locations across Canada.  Today we service 115 locations with a customer portal on our website where they can view their catalog and place an order.

Their Sign catalog is an ongoing work in progress as we continue to work together to fine tune and focus their evolving Sign solutions.


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