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All industries require clear communication for the safety of employees and customers.  Safety signs, wayfinding signs and other important signage are your voice to provide this protection. 
Below you'll find some of the common industries Western Safety Sign works with to develop full, customized sign solutions.  For your convenience, we have organized the most popular signs for your industry.  Click on your industry to view our selection of sign solutions.  If you don't see your industry, we suggest contacting one of our sales representatives who will quickly help you to identify all your signage needs and direct you where to buy online or prepare you a quote.

We have provided the convenience of online shopping.  However, we know many of you will have questions or require custom sign solutions to meet the needs of your operation.  We have sales representatives ready for your call, with knowledge across all the industries we serve so they can quickly assess your needs and put together a quote for all the signage you'll require to protect the liability of your business and the safety of all.  You are welcome to click on an industry above to view all the signs products or call us right now to assess your signage needs to start the quote process.  
Toll Free 1-800-884-1691 or locally at 204-231-0213.


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