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Material descriptions


Aluminum: Quality outdoor sign material, strong enough for Post Mount.  Durable long-lasting outdoor life   OR   for harsh indoor environments. 

Reflective Aluminum: Engineer Grade Retroreflective Film on Aluminum;
comes with Anti-Graffiti overlaminate finish.  Up to 7 years durability, vertical exposure.

Reflective HIP Aluminum: High Intensity Microprismatic (HIP) Retroreflective on Aluminum; comes with Anti-Graffiti overlaminate finish. Its unique microprismatic construction provides a high level of retroreflectivity for demanding traffic control situations.  Up to 10 years durability, vertical exposure.

Work Zone Reflective Aluminum: Maximum Visual Performance (MVP) Fluorescent Orange Reflective on Aluminum for high visibility in Work Zone applications.

Dibond Auminum: 
is an aluminum composite, combining two pre-painted aluminum sheets sandwiched around a core made of solid polyethylene.  Exceptional outdoor life. Mount on a flat surface.


Styrene - High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS):  Smooth, rigid plastic typically used for Indoor Signage or short term Outdoor applications. 

Coroplast:  is a light weight, LOW COST, corrugated plastic material best used for temporary, short-term, outdoor signs including event signage. Coroplast plastic sheets are 100% recyclable.

Stencils: Polystyrene .060" is a durable and flexible plastic that is great for laser cutting alphabet stencils, number stencils and graphic stencils. This material can be cleaned and reused many times.


Self-Adhesive Decals Mid-Grade Vinyl: Calandered Vinyl Self-Adhesive Decals; Permanent Adhesive; with a clear vinyl overlaminate for protection against scratching and some chemicals; 3 year durability.

Self-Adhesive Decals Premium-Grade Vinyl: Super Cast Premium Vinyl Self-Adhesive Decals; Permanent Adhesive; with a clear cast vinyl overlaminate for protection against scratching and some chemicals; 5 year durability.

Self-Adhesive Decals Reflective: Engineer Grade Retroreflective Film; comes with Anti-Graffiti overlaminate finish. Durable 7 year outdoor life.

Self-Adhesive Decals ECONO: Packaging Decals for shipments.
ECONO PVC Film Self-Adhesive Decals; Permanent Adhesive;1 year durability.

Pipe Marker Decals:  3 mil self-adhesive Vinyl Decals with overlaminate finish; Peel off backing and stick onto pipe;  Suitable for dry and clean pipes;  
Ideal for both indoor and outdoor pipes;  
Pipe temp range -40°F to 180°F / -40°C to 82°C

Floor Decals INDOOR:  Decals that stick to the floor with an intense anti-skid finish to stand up to pedestrian and warehouse traffic.

Floor Decals OUTDOOR:  Decals that stick to concrete with a 19mil non-slip protective overlaminate finish; and is rated for up to 1 Year outdoors on concrete.


Magnetic: flexible magnetic sheeting performs well in adverse weather (such as rain, sleet and snow) and in temperatures from -15° F to 160° F (-26° C to 71° C).  Ideal for Outdoor use - For Vehicle Signs; and Indoor Use – For Racking and marking. Sticks to any STEEL surface. 


Mesh Banner:  An 8oz, 1000 denier strength mesh banner with liner that offers 35% air flow. NFPA 701 fire rated, with grommets every 2 ft; this product is ideal for any indoor or outdoor application where air flow-through or visibility show-through is desired.

Vinyl Banner:  13oz Scrim Banner is a multi-purpose, front-lit, 1000 denier, indoor/outdoor scrim banner that is treated for fire retardance. Scrim Vinyl is reinforced with polyester cording for strength and durability, with grommets every 2 ft. This versatile one-sided 13oz scrim banner is used worldwide in banners, billboards, building wraps, construction decoration, murals, specialty applications, transit shelters and more!

Engraved Signs

Engraved (Lamacoid):  Two-toned Acrylic material. Specially designed for a crisp, clean and ultra-fine laser engraved lettering, logos, and vector cutouts.  Indoor and Outdoor signs and tags.

Raised Letter and Braille Signs

Tactile and Braille Signs: Two-toned Acrylic material with raised letters and braille to comply with ADA Standards. Specially designed for a crisp, clean and ultra-fine laser lettering, logos, and vector cutouts.  Indoor and Outdoor signs and tags.

Washdown Signs

Sub-Surface Lexan:  Washdown signs are made with a durable product called Lexan. Subsurface Lexan signs means the text and graphics are protected by a clear Lexan cover that has a high resistance to impact and chemicals, and can handle temperatures up to 240 degrees F.  Washdown Lexan signs can stand up to industrial high pressure washdowns and high humidity day after day.

Glow In The Dark

Glow in the Dark Vinyl:  Photoluminescent or Glow-in-the-dark signs -  Charge time of 5 minutes @ 1000 Lux will charge the sign for 10+ hours of glow time. Consistent glow life and unlimited rechargeability throughout service life. Suitable for indoor use.


Syntisol:  is a tear resistant, smooth, polypropylene material; water resistant and scratch resistant. Can be written on with pen or sharpie. Top Grommet for extra durability.  Ideal for outdoor tags.

Styrene - High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS):  .040" Styrene is a smooth, rigid plastic typically used for indoor tags.  Ideal for Mirror Tags, Identification Tags, Stencils and Door hangers.  

Cardstock Tags:  Identify and tag items that won't easily hold a shipping label . Heavy duty thick cardstock paper, 13 point stock. 

Brass Tags: Durable identification for machinery, products, parts and tools. Laser etched marking, mark valves, pipes and key sets. 18 gauge brass, available with a chain and connector or key ring.

Roll-Up Signs

Roll Up Signs: Reflective on Ribbed fiberglass Material. Durable, easy to store and light weight.


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