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Manufacturing Case Study

A large manufacturing client came to us for help in increasing traffic flow safety within their manufacturing facility.

Our client was operating a fleet of 12 indoor Forklifts inside their manufacturing operation and they had an incident where a pedestrian was struck and injured by a passing forklift. 

Their safety committee investigated the incident and determined that they needed to develop a Traffic Management Plan to better control pedestrian and forklift traffic within their Manufacturing Plant.

Forklift and Pedestrian movement needed to be analyzed and planned in order to increase traffic flow safety and to reduce the potential risks of serious injuries caused by the continuous interaction. 

We worked with our client on the areas of concern within their plant and advised on the best manufacturing safety sign solution for each area.  Marking pedestrian corridors within the plant using Pedestrian Safety signs, posting Fork Lift Only signs to designate specific forklift lanes, identifying blind spot corners, and adding Indoor Traffic signage, were some of the initial steps in implementing their Traffic Management Plan. 

Our graphic design team went to work incorporating company branding on the signage where requested and on standardizing the design of the traffic safety signs within their plant. This was done in an effort to make the new safety signs visually stand out to both employees and visitors, and to give a consistent safety design throughout their plant.

Our client involved their workers in the development of the traffic management plan which gave them buy-in to the changes and greater ownership of their own safety.  Training and ongoing management support was provided to help staff understand the changes and bolster compliance with the new plan.

Our Continued Relationship:
Over the years, our client has consulted with us on a wide variety of safety issues which we have been able to help them with by providing the manufacturing safety signage required to increase safety awareness among plant employees and visitors. The scope of products has ranged from equipment safety signs, first aid signs, fire extinguisher signs, floor decals, PPE personal protective equipment signage, exit signs; to parking signs; and custom safety banners.

We continue to work together as our client's safety program evolves and safety sign solutions are required. 


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