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How To Set Up A Pop Up Banner

Posted by Anita Bihun on

Pop Up Banners are an event and trade show favorite due to their easy portability and set up. Here is a step by step guide on how to set up our standard size Pop Up Banners:


Hold up your carrying case by the handle to start: 


Unzip the case:


Slide the stand out of the case:


Swing out the legs and set on the floor:


Attach the pole in two spots:


Slide the pole into the hole on the top of the stand:


Pull up the banner to the top of the pole and attach at top:


Stand beside your banner and be proud!! YOU DID IT.


To undo - Unattach the top of the banner and let it slide back into the stand, take the pole apart and set into the compartment in the stand:


Swing the legs back into the stand:


Slide the stand back into the carrying case:


And there you have it! These Pop Up Banners are really that simple to set up and tear down. They weigh only a couple of pounds, and are easy to transport. We accept print-ready artwork or can design yours for you today.

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