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No Idling Signage – An Environmentally Friendly Reminder

Posted by Anita Bihun on

A visual ‘No Idling’ sign is a simple but effective reminder to make vehicle operators aware by posting a decal on a vehicle dashboard or a “No Idling” sign in the garage or outside the building.  With the recent rise in gas prices, many businesses are concerned how this increase will impact their operations.  One tried and true way to help alleviate increased fuel costs is to   >>>   Turn the engine off when the car isn’t moving.
Vehicles needlessly running and burning fuel can add to your fuel bills tremendously. One easy way to cut fuel consumption is to avoid unnecessary idling. After all‚ it gets you nowhere!! 

The Canadian Government has posted this rule of thumb:
" If you're going to be stopped for more than 60 seconds – except in traffic – turn the engine off. Unnecessary idling wastes money and fuel, and produces greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change."

Studies show it is better to turn the engine off rather than to let it idle unnecessarily. Natural Resources Canada changed the 10 second rule to 60 seconds to balance factors such as fuel savings, emissions and component wear. 

Vehicles are an important part of many Industries - be it Transport trucks, Construction machinery, Fleet vehicles, or School Buses.  Highly visible Idle-Free Zone signage effectively reminds the operator to turn off their vehicle when waiting or not moving, which is not only good for the environment, but also cuts down on fuel costs.

Below are some examples of No Idling / Idle-Free Zone / No Idle Zone signs we make for our customers.

We will work with you to customize your “No Idling” sign requirements to meet your specifications. Email with your ‘No Idling’ signage requests.

Click here to view our Idle Free Zone signage.

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