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QR Code Signage

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QR Code Signage

A few years back, many of us were introduced to scanning a QR code as a way to get linked to an online restaurant menu.  Fast forward to 2022, and QR Codes are now widely used for a variety of reasons, some of which include; commerce, vaccination status, and in tracking. Simply put, a QR Code is a camera readable optical label, that can contain information once scanned.

QR code signs are a type of smart signage and stands for Quick Response. They come in various forms ranging from a small decal to a large outdoor sign. These signs can also include custom text and graphics. What makes it a QR code sign is the addition of a QR code — a type of digital barcode — somewhere on the sign's design.

Even if your sign will be easily accessible for close scanning, you generally want the QR code to be at least 1 inch by 1 inch. In most cases, it’s best to use QR codes on signs that people can get up close to, such as window decals, wall signs, floor decals, tabletop displays or freestanding banners. Be sure to position signs in such a way that people can easily access them to scan. A big perk of QR codes is the convenience for users, so be sure your signs are easy to use.

A QR code on its own can be confusing. Before scanning the code, people should have an idea of what information or resources they’ll gain access to. Even a few words can be enough to provide some much-needed context and encourage people to scan the code. This text can come in the form of a call to action, such as “Scan for Entry”, “Scan for our menu,” “Scan here” or “Scan to learn more.”

With numerous QR Code Generators available, the opportunity to provide people with a means to incorporate QR codes into their processes has become widely accessible. The coming years will surely see the QR Code on more and more items, used in advertisements, and as an efficient way to provide and store data.

Below are some examples how companies have integrated QR codes/prompts to their signage:

Whether it be gaining access, tracking inventory, linking people to a website, or providing personal information, QR code signage has proven to be an asset to industries across the board.

Any sign can have a QR code added. QR code signs are a custom order.
Please contact with all you QR Code Signage needs.

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