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Custom A-Frames

Posted by Anita Bihun on

A popular item at our shop has come to be the Custom A-Frames. These come in a few sizes as well as substrates depending on the longevity you require from the sign. These Yellow Plastic A-Frames are seen commonly in grocery and department stores with the message “WET FLOOR” on them. We have also made versions that say, “CAUTION MEN WORKING ABOVE” “WELDING IN PROGRESS” among others, and can cater these signs to adhere to your specific needs. Check out PVC A-Frames

Next in quality would be our Top-Loading Steel A-Frames. These commonly hold coroplast or composite aluminum signs that are 24” x 18” or 24” x 36”. These frames hold 2 signs, so they can be double sided. Coroplast inserts are rated for 2 to 3 years outdoors, where the composite aluminum is about 7 to 10 years. These Top Loading A-Frames are great if you plan on changing up the message at some point, since the inserts are removeable. Check out our Top Loading Steel A-Frames


Our most durable permanent solution would be the Steel A-Frames. We stock these in 24” x 36” white, and the message is applied directly to the stand. These are commonly used in loading zones at schools or in parking lots. Check out our Steel A-Frames



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