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Pipe Marking 101

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Getting Started

Collect the following information:
- Pipe Contents
- Outside diameter of pipe including insulation
- Directional information
- Quantity of markers (as per ASME/ANSI A13.1 or other standards)

Select the right size

Outer Diameter of Pipe Decal Length Letter Height
0.75" - 1.25" (19mm-32mm) 8" 0.5"
1.5" - 2" (38mm-51mm) 8" 0.75"
2.5" - 6" (64mm-152mm) 12" 1.25"
8" - 10" (203mm-254mm) 24" 2.5"
Over 10" (over 254mm) 32" 3.5"

Choosing Colours

ASME/ANSI A13.1-2015 standard also allows for optional WHMIS information symbols


Western Safety Sign Pipe Markers meet ASME/ANSI A13.1-2015 standards. Pipe markers should be readily visible from the point of normal approach. Our pipe markers instantly tell what you need to know about pipe contents, direction of flow, and potential hazards

To meet ASME/ANSI A13.1-2015 standards, pipes shall be marked adjacent to all changes in directions, adjacent to all valves and flanges, at 25-50 foot intervals on straight runs, and both sides of floor or wall penetrations.

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