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CONSTRUCTION SAFETY, where to begin.

If you have ever wondered where to find the rules and regulations governing Construction Safety, an internet search will provide 100's of options. The search results will show links to Government Agencies, Industry Associations, private training companies and digital media sites, each of them offering varying degrees of relevant information.

The best place to start, is with your local Industry Association. In our area, there is a City Construction Association, an Association of Rural Construction Contractors and a Provincial Association. You can use your local association for resources like Specifications, Regulations, Training, Covid-19 protocols etc.

National Standards can be found at the following resources listed below:
Canadian agencies include:
CCOHS (Centre for Occupational Health and Safety) Dept. of The Government of Canada.

USA agencies include:
OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) a branch of the US Dept. of Labor. 

While there are numerous Private and Not for Profit organizations involved in Construction Safety, the simplest way to find the Training and Resources you need, is through your local Industry Association.  Most of these will be partnered with one or more training companies.

Digital Media is another good source of information on Construction Safety.  In Canada, we have the Occupational Health and Safety Magazine. In the USA, there is Safety and Health Magazine, Roads and Bridges Magazine and many more.

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