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Floor Decals – Why so popular?

Posted by Kelvin Scott on

It’s a bird… It’s a plane… or if you’re looking at the ground, it might just be a FLOOR DECAL!! 

They seem to be everywhere these days.
Take a typical trip to the grocery store for example, a floor decal signifying where to enter, wait in line, and checkout have all become commonplace.

Other popular applications of these decals include:
-The direction of foot traffic flow.
-Where NOT to Walk, Wait or Enter thru.   
-Physical distancing reminders and protocols. (The demand for these in 2020 was unprecedented)

While the above examples were a large portion of the demand, our customers’ ability to customize their decals, to fit a specific need or circumstance, was also quite popular. Diversifying these decals by making them bilingual, aided in getting the message conveyed.

Pictograms, Company Colors and Logos, were another way we implemented customers' corporate branding into their floor decal design.

Our company’s objective is to:
Provide a competitively priced, long lasting floor decal with slip resistance and a resilience to wear and tear. We have achieved this by printing the design on a High Tack adhesive vinyl that is covered with an anti-slip laminate finish. The over laminate works double duty by providing a protection for the graphic and a non-slip texture to promote stability and deter falling.

We have also had success with an OUTDOOR version of the floor decal suited for application on concrete, asphalt sidewalks and patios. Here is a recent picture of one outside our shop in January 2021.  We installed it last May, during the warm weather. (+10C or 50F) 
These warmer temperatures are required/recommended for installation of the decal to have a good adhesion outdoors.

While these floor decals can’t fly like Superman.........they can save lives by keeping people physically distanced.

Perhaps you have more questions on this increasingly popular product, please feel free to contact us with your requests and we will help any way we can!

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