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When it comes to vehicles on Manitoba Roads, it’s safe to say, the Semi-Trailer Truck is King!  With over 400,000 trucks a year heading across the US border, and many more going in every other direction throughout North America, it’s hard to imagine life without them. $662 Billion dollars' worth of goods and services are traded yearly between Canada and the United States; 75% of the imports and exports travel by truck.

The trucking industry employs nearly a quarter of a million Manitobans (4.6% of Manitoba’s Labour force), and accounts for the transport of more than $2 billion dollars' worth of the province’s Gross Domestic Products (GDP).

The collective fleet is comprised of 15,000+ power units and 20,000+ trailers. In Manitoba, there are more than 475 for-hire trucking companies (5 of them in Canada’s Top 50), and they move over 95% of its exported goods.

In 2018, Canada did upward of 63.7 million shipments generating $38.7 Billion in revenue. 

Across North America, countless jobs are posted yearly, just to keep up with the demand of maintaining the infrastructure. Supply chains, road departments, and thousands of others, work together in keeping the wheels rolling and getting the cargo where it needs to go.

This logistical upkeep creates, on average, seven employment opportunities for every 10 jobs created in the trucking industry. One logistical aspect involves personnel having access to the information and materials regarding TDG placards, when transporting ‘hazardous’ goods, to determine what placard is required to transport dangerous goods. Nearly 20% of all loads transported in Manitoba are deemed as dangerous goods.

Not sure what TDG Placard you need?
The link below can give you the Class #UN # (if applicable) you will need to display when transporting the goods.
(For Reference purposes only. The information here is archived and may not be accurate or current. Please refer to your local authority for official information)

Not sure what style of placard you need?
Please see below material comparison chart, which can help in selecting the correct Placard type for your load.  The chart determines type of material best suited for your load based on length of use and cost.

Over the last 38 years, Western Safety Sign, has helped countless trucking companies with placards, vehicle decaling, and other truck safety signage.

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