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Engraving and Braille Signs

Posted by Anita Bihun on

Engraving and Braille Signs

A while back we noticed a great desire in the market for affordable custom engraved and braille signs. We took it upon ourselves to purchase the equipment and get started on making these available to businesses and public alike. Within a couple of months our laser engraver was running non-stop and we are now able to offer the best quality of custom engraved signs.  Once we established our engraved products, we acquired a braille licence to be able to offer custom and standard braille and tactile signs. Here in Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada, braille signs are a mandatory requirement for washroom signs in new buildings, and we are here ready to meet that demand. Although there are already braille washroom signs in the market, it seems hard to find customized ones that won't break the bank. Contact us today to make your building more accessible by adding Braille and Tactile Signs to public washrooms, stairways, and more. Check out our selection of Braille, Tactile and Engraved Signs

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