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Subsurface Lexedge - Pressure Wash Proof Signage

Posted by Kelvin Scott on

Water is an important part of our daily lives and we often take it for granted. That is, until it becomes a problem.

Many industries operate in high humidity conditions or use high pressure water systems for sanitizing equipment. Even the best traditional adhesives and vinyls will eventually fail to continual exposure to water. However we do have a solution!

Using a product called Lexedge, we can create plastic or aluminum backed signs that are often used in food processing and automotive cleaning industries. These signs can stand up to industrial pressure washers and high humidity day after day.

We have a selection of Hygiene and Health signs available on our website offered exclusively with the Lexedge material. And if you need something specific, please contact us with your requirements to have us design and produce custom signage!

Hand Washing

Aprons & Coats

Hair Nets Etc.

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