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Lockout / Tag Out for Safety

Posted by Kelvin Scott on

Lockout / Tag Out for Safety

Lock Out / Tag Out (LOTO for short) is a safety measure that many of us have practised, even if we've never heard the term.

Generally guards or barriers maintain worker safety while machines are operating. However there are situations where these guards may be removed, such as maintenance, repair, or removal of clogs and jams. A Lock Out device prevents the equipment from operating or energizing (powering on) in these situations.

Tag Out is the labelling process that is used when Lock Out is required and ensures the equipment is only activated when its safe to do so. Lock Out tags list information like why the equipment is locked out, (repair, maintenance, etc), when it was locked out, and the name of the authorized person who tagged and locked out the system. Generally only the authorized person who placed the Lock Out Tag is permitted to remove them.

How can Western Safety Sign help with your Lock Out/Tag Out program? We offer both a variety of signage to remind workers of best LOTO practices as well as LOTO tags to use in your process. If you don't see exactly what you need, contact us with your requirements and we'll custom produce it for you!

Lockout Signage

Lockout Tags

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