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Wayfinding Basics

Posted by Kelvin Scott on

They say everyone is looking for something, and the best way to help them out is with effective wayfinding signage.

What is wayfinding signage?

Simply put, any type of signage that helps you find your way. There are two common types of wayfinding signage:

Informative - This includes directory boards, floor markers, directional arrows, door names, and numbers.

Emergency - Fire and emergency exits, muster points, first aid locations, and glow in the dark signage fall into this category.

Wayfinding signage is so common that we often don't really think about it, but there are a few important things to keep in mind when planning yours.

  • Use a site survey or plan: Directions like left and right are relative to where you're standing. Using a site plan can help you figure out how and from where signage will be viewed and if there are any obstructions in the way.
  • Plan for requirements: Building requirements differ from city to city, so its important to check with your local authority what types of signage is required. There are often requirements for fire and emergency wayfinding and/or requirements for accessibility such as ADA Braille signs.
  • Plan for change: Tenants and employees come, go, or move from one office to another. Changeable frames, mounted prints, and other economical options allow you to adapt quickly and affordably.
  • Keep it simple: No one likes being lost and in emergencies, every moment matters. Straightforward text and simple graphics that serve a purpose are ideal.

Our website has sections for these common wayfinding solutions:

Fire and Emergency Exit Escapeway / Refuge
Room Identification Muster Point
ADA Braille Signage

or Request a quote for custom wayfinding solutions and for more information.

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