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Shining a Light on "Glow-in-the-Dark Signage"

Posted by Anita Bihun on

Shining a Light on

We have all heard of Glow-in-the-Dark signs or Photoluminescent signage…………but what does that mean?


 Hopefully, I can shine some light on this topic for you! 

The technical term for a product that glows in the dark is photoluminescent. Photoluminescent Safety Signs, or glow in the dark signs, use a specific kind of material that self-charges using ambient light, meaning the light in your facility, and are named this because they are illuminated via the action of photoluminescence. Energy in the form of light, or photons, is absorbed from their surroundings by the special material coating and stored. This stored energy is then re-emitted as light, making the light "glow" when the building is dark, and the glow in the dark signs continue to discharge the stored light over time.

In the event of a power failure causing low light or a fire and smoke-filled room, these safety signs will glow brightly enough to be seen.  Our Glow in the Dark signage features high performance photoluminescence material that has a charge time of 5 minutes @ 1000 Lux and will charge the sign for 10+ hours of glow time.

Photoluminescent egress lighting typically glows in the dark to define a space or path so occupants can orient themselves and identify a safe route that avoids all obstacles. Safety signs that use photoluminescence are able to emit light without any heat or connection to electricity. Since no electricity or batteries are required, glow in the dark signage is both energy-efficient and cost effective. 

In the case of an emergency or power outage in your building, you will want to have Photoluminescent signage strategically posted throughout your facility to provide highly visible Exit and Directional messages to assist occupants to safely evacuate your facility and/or building.

Most building codes require photoluminescent egress and exit signage. Please check your local jurisdiction’s building code regulations and requirements for details of Photoluminescent, glow in the dark, signage.

The most common types of photoluminescent signage used in commercial and industrial buildings is:  Safety or 'Egress' guidance signage;  Emergency signage; and Exit signs.

 Safety or "Egress"guidance signage:

 Glow in the Dark Safety signs that provide egress guidance are essential in your workplace, facility or building to prevent panic and to provide clear guidance and a sense of order for occupants to safely evacuate.


 Emergency signage:

   In the event of a fire within your workplace, emergency signage that has identifiable Photoluminescent Fire Action directions is of the utmost importance. These signs offer clear and concise instructions on what to do when the fire alarm is activated.


 Exit signs:

   Photoluminescent Exit Signs provide a visible wayfinding tool to ensure that Exit signs can be easily seen when the power fails.


As your Company plans and identifies what Glow in the Dark signage is required in your building, workplace or facility, please keep in mind that Western Safety Sign designs and manufactures Glow in the Dark sign solutions and we will work with you to ensure your photoluminescent sign requirements are met. Our Glow in the Dark signs have a consistent glow life and unlimited rechargeability throughout their service life, and all of our Photoluminescent signage can be customized to fit your need.

Please contact Matt Zelich,, for all your Glow in the Dark sign requirements.

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