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Parking Signage - what is required and why?

Posted by Anita Bihun on

Parking Signage - what is required and why?

It is that time of year again!  Whether it be to refresh existing signage or to purchase new signage for new parking lot areas - Spring, Summer and Fall are the most popular times of year to purchase Parking Lot signage. Everyone is familiar with Parking signs – we see them every day and know what they mean. But for Property Managers and other persons in companies who are responsible for signing a parking lot – how do they know what signage they need and why?

Parking signs are designed to help manage traffic and to keep pedestrians safe.  Parking signage directs traffic, conveys rules and encourages safe driving and parking practices. There are many signs that provide the direction and information required in parking areas.
Here are a few top recommended signs for parking lots:

  A tow-away sign is required for the purpose of keeping unauthorized persons from leaving vehicles on private property. Proper posting of these signs in your parking lot advises drivers of the possibility of being towed if they are not allowed to park in that parking lot, and should include: Unauthorized Parking Prohibited, your jurisdiction’s By-law #, and the towing company’s name and phone number.

No Parking Fire Lane

 A sign indicating No Parking Fire Lane is required in your parking areas to ensure appropriate fire department access in case of an emergency. The sign will denote: No Parking Fire Lane with your jurisdiction’s By-law number.

Handicap Reserved

A parking facility requires a minimum number of accessible parking stalls depending on the total number of parking spaces in your lot or garage. Check your jurisdiction’s parking lot accessibility requirements.



 Visible Reserved Parking Stall signs make it easy to enforce your parking lot rules and help drivers identify open spots. Ensure your parking lot has reserved spots for employees, customers, contractors, Electric Vehicles, and more.

Mirror TAG parking permit

Parking Permit Tags, AKA Mirror Tags, are used by many companies to identify vehicles authorized to park in your parking lot or at your jobsite. Mirror Tags can be customized to your company branding and logo and can be consecutively numbered.

Other Parking signs to provide direction and safety include:
Enter, Exit, Guidelines for Visitor Parking stalls, Idle-Free Zone, No Thru Traffic, Overhead Clearance and Stencils to name a few.  Also, Posts, stands and hardware will be needed to install your Parking signs.

Whatever your Parking sign requirement is, we will work with you to determine the signs, posts, stands and hardware required to sign your parking area. We design and manufacture a wide variety of Parking lot signage, and all signage can be customized to your company branding and to meet your specific parking message.

Please contact Matt Zelich, for all your Parking Sign needs.

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