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High-Visibility Safety

Posted by Kelvin Scott on

Workers in a variety of jobs and industries rely on high-visibility (Hi-Vis) products to stay safe, particularly in dark or dimly lit places. Everyone from construction workers and police officers to school bus drivers benefit from high-visibility products.

High-visibility products generally consist of high contrast colours in fluorescent or reflective materials. This applies to both signage found in the workplace and apparel worn by workers.

At Western Safety Sign our signs feature high contrast schemes including OSHA and ANSI standards to improve readability. Construction and Regulatory Traffic Signs are reflective as per provincial and federal guidelines, and the vast majority of our website products are available as reflective aluminum.


In addition to traditional signage we offer LED paddles, high-visibility traffic cones, and delineators. Certain items, such as high-visibility vests, can be special ordered by Requesting a Quote

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