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Prevent Hearing Loss with PPE Signage

Posted by Kelvin Scott on

According to a recent study from WorkSafeBC, Canadian oil and gas workers in the drilling sector are showing an increase in job-related hearing loss. Data collected by oil and gas employers from 2012 to 2017 found that despite an increase in workers reporting they wear hearing protection, the percentage of workers with noise-induced hearing loss grew from 33% to 45%. Of those, 66% are reported being under 35 years old.

Sasha Brown, an occupational audiologist at WorkSafeBC said in an August press release, "The earplugs or earmuffs might be the wrong size, inserted or worn incorrectly, not worn for long enough, or they may not be providing enough protection for the duration and intensity of noise exposure."

WorkSafeBC offers the following recommendations:

  • Ensure all at-risk workers wear sufficient hearing protection that fits, and that they understand how to properly wear it.
  • Make sure workers insert or wear the correct hearing protection before entering a noisy environment, and wear it until they exit that location.
  • Rotate workers to different positions to minimize their time in noisy environments.
  • Identify potential engineering controls to mitigate risk of exposure.
  • Ensure workers have their hearing tested and are aware of the results.

To help keep your hearing safe, we offer a wide variety of Signs & Decals to convey your Hearing Protection Safety Message.

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